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Embossed 3D Tile Transfers
Embossed 3D Tile Transfers are as easy to use as tile stickers, but the results are amazing!
Just stick onto a tile and peel off the outer transparency. It looks as if the image is baked on. Embossed, 3D effect
so when you touch it, you can feel the image! Waterproof, washable with anything, and chemical resistant. Durable, but not permanent. Can be removed anytime. Not just for tiles either.
Decorate tiles, Mirrors, Windows, Mugs, Appliances or anything having a hard smooth surfaces.
For use on 4"x 4"  or  6"x 6"  Tiles
A great way to spice up your tiles without having to pay outrageous prices
for permanently embossed pictures you may grow tired of!

Detailed How To Use Instructions - Click Here



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 How To Use
Embossed 3D Tile Transfer Decals

Embossed 3D Tile Transfer Decals and Self Adhesive Tile Cover How To Do It

1. Clean the surface of the application.
Remove all stains, water and oil with a soft rag or towel.

2. Peel the white paper backing away from the transparency,
applying sticky side down on the application.

3. Rub the image on to the application, pressing down
and rubbing all parts of the image evenly.

4. Gently peel off the transparency, making sure the whole
image transferred onto the application, you are decorating.

To Remove 3D Transfers:

To remove the image transferred, scrape off with metal utensil.
Any remaining glue should be removed by nail polish remover.

NOTE: This product is not intended to use on floors.





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